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Our Parents

Circa 1960's

     Our Parents, Raul N. Tagle and Zenaida J. Quiogue was married February 2 1948. They lived in Villa Susana, Caniogan, Pasig, Rizal. They have six syblings in 1960 when the family moved to a new home. A new house in front of Rizal High School, the same place where Nanay grew up while living with her parents before and during WWII. The old house was destroyed when Gen. Douglas MacArthur liberated Manila in 1945. The family lived there until 1998. Nanay have moved to California and now living with her daughter while Tatay passed away in 1993 at the age of 64.


Tatay Circa 1960's                           Nanay Circa 1958

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