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   The Malina Times  Mga Balitang Di Ninyo Mababasa sa Ibang Diaryo


Tofu, Mushrooms, Ginger, Onion, Garlic, Leek, Crab meat, Sesame Oil, Oyster Sauce, Dash of Sugar and Pepper.

Gisa  bawang, sibuyas at luya then Add everything till done

INIHAW na SABA (Makarel)

Linisin and cut in half Makarel Asinan then broil for 30 min. or till done. Note: Maraming klaseng makarel bilhin yon  may striped ( sometimes its called Norway Makarel ) meron din kasing klase na dotted hindi masarap yon.


Fresh Medium Texture Tofu cut to half inch thick; Add Kikoman Light Soy Sauce, Bonito (fish) Flakes and some Black Sesame Seeds. (buy in any oriental market japanese section) Done, No cooking. Healthy food. Good source of protein for meatless day.


Ok, do you want quick cooking? this is 1 healthy food except for the patis which is salted fish sauce. clams are good source of ... ahh. anyway here's how to cook it.
Saute (gisa) 1 tbsp mince garlic, small piece of slice ginger and 1/2 cup slice onion on 1 tbsp of oil. when light brown add Vongola cooked hard shell clams, 3 cup water, 2 tbsp patis ( fish sauce) and dust of ground pepper. bring to boil then add malunggay (horse radish leaves). done, so easy 1 more thing you can buy Vongola cooked clams and malunggay frozen make sure you thaw it first. enjoy its a good soup. Takes only 15 minutes to cook. sa america ito kaya frozen. 


Tip: Always prepare all the ingredients before you start cooking. Doing it this way will make cooking more fun and easier.


Pakuluan sa bawang, sibuyas, laurel, peppercorn at asin ang deboned chicken breast and thigh. Kapag luto na, patuyuin. ihaw until brown. Gumawa ng sauce - maginit ng matika lagyan ng butter at maraming bawang. papulahin ang bawang, tuplahan ng knorr at lemon. ipahid sa inihaw ng manok.


Maggisa ng 1 Tbp ng bawang ihalo isang bote ng talanga paste. Pigaan ng kalamansi.Cook for few minutes lang. Boil noodles separately in water with 1 Tbp of salt until aldente cooked. Do not over cooked. Strain to removed water. Put talangka sauce on top or mixed in noodles. Super Sarap ito.

MISO SOUP (optional with NOODLES)

DASHI Miso (Soybean Paste with or w/o Bonito Extract) Product of Japan. Wakame (Japanese dried seaweed) Fresh tofu diced, Leek, Dust of Salt. Optional: Shitake dried mushrooms or fresh umbrella mushrooms.

Soak and reconstitute small amount of wakame in small cup of water for 10 minutes Soak and reconstitute 2 dried mushroom in hot water for 30 minutes. Boil 3 cups of water with 3 tbp of miso and all ingredients for few minute or when other ingredient are cooked. 

With Noodles: Boil noodles separately in water until cooked for at least 3 minutes. Do not over cooked. Strain to removed water. On a nice bowl put good amount of noodles then pour the cooked miso soup

KALDERETA  ( Dos Hermanas Style )

Ingredients: 2 lbs. (approx.1kg.) Beef Chunk yong may konting taba at litid, cut in 2 inch cubes; 2 Tbsp. Liver Spread; 1/2 cup Tomato Sauce; 1/4 cup Toyo; 1 Tbsp. Perrin; 1/2 cup Onion diced; 1/2 cup Fresh Tomato diced;1 Tbps. Garlic minced; 1Tbsp Dried Red Pepper or 5 pcs. Siling Labuyo diced; 10 Butil ng Pamintang Buo. 2 Tbsp Oil; 4 Tbsp. Sugar.

Option 1. Mag gisa ng bawang, sibuyas at kamatis. Isang kutsa ang karne, then add all ingredients. Bring to boil then set to medium heat. Cook till meat is tender which may take more than an hour or two. Add water sparely if neccessary till the meat is tender and sauce is thick.

Option 2. If you have a pressure cooker and assuming you know how to use it. Cook beef with 1/4 cup of slice onion for 45 minutes from the time it starts to whistle. When done set aside 1 cup of  beef stock. Mag gisa ng bawang, sibuyas at kamatis. Isang kutsa ang karne, then add all ingredients and beef stock. Bring to boil then set to medium heat to simmer till sauce is thick.

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Fry chicken wing (salted & peppered) On new pan saute butter and Frank Hot Sauce then add wings. Dip Blue Cheese and Celery

SINAING na TULINGAN  (Bonito Fish)

Ingredients: Fresh Tulingan; Kamias; Taba ng Baboy; Salt;

Linisin mabuti at asinan ang tulingan. Isalansan ang kamias sa ibabaw at ilalim ng tulingan at taba ng baboy sa loob ng palayok. Slow cook for half a day until doon. Sawsawan patis with kalamasi.


Lamb Chop, Lamb Shoulder or any part of lamb meat sliced half inch thick. prepare meat with some garlic salt powder, ground pepper (optional dust of parsley flakes) on both sides of meat. Grill or Broil till done, depend on how would you like it cook. Eat with Mint Jelly.

GYRO (Mediterranean Shawerma)

Lamb, Beef or Chicken Breast; Pita Bread; Hummus; Chopped Tomatoes; Chopped Onions; Chopped Parsley; Garlic Salt; Pepper; Olive oil.

Thin slice lamb, beef or chicken meat. marinate with olive oil; garlic salt, pepper and chopped parsley. Lamasin and refigerate for 1 hour. To Cook: Wrap meat with alumimun foil then broil till done. Chop cooked meat into small cubes. To Prepare: Apply hummus in pita bread pocket then add chopped cooked meat, tomatoes, parsley and onions. Wrap in foil and heat for few minutes before serving.


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