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The Perfect Pedal Stroke

Pedal circle is a complex stroke. The hip, knee & ankle must be line up when viewed from the back. Correct pedaling could save energy every crank revolution with the same amount of power at a lower heart rate.       ZONE1: The power phase of the pedal stroke is from 12 o'clock to 5 o'clock. At 12 o'clock the toe should be pointed down about 20 degrees but start dropping the heel so that its parallel to the ground or 10 degrees lower by the time you get to 3 o'clock. This extends the hips making use of the hamstring and the large muscle in the back of the legs. Biggest mistake is not dropping the heel enough.                                                 ZONE2: Short 5 o'clock to 6 o'clock transition to backstroke using the same muscle with lesser degree firing the calf muscle to point your toe down 20 degrees as you come to the bottom, act like you're scraping mud off the bottom of your shoes.                                                                  ZONE3: At 6'oclock to 8 o'clock you feel like you're pulling your foot back, but you're not. The pedal is actually pushing your legs up. The goal is get that foot out of the way to lose as little power as possible.              ZONE4: 8 o'clock to the Top. Here initiate your down stroke by pushing your knee forward toward the bar as you begin to come across the top. You should feel your hamstrings engage and hip extend.                          SADDLE POSITION: Proper bike fit, Seat height and fore-aft adjustment is a must for a smooth pedal stroke.


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