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                                                      Tour of Laguna de Bay                                                                         

          If I remember it right our first ride around Laguna de bay was in February 1987. We were just 5 very close friends who decided to try it out and see what its like to ride  this far. Well, we realize that it wasn't really a bad idea. We were able to get home by 2pm which still give us enough time to enjoy the afternoon relaxing with a couple of beers to drink and talk about the experience. Ever since then we decided to do the ride every year. More and more riders  have join us each year to enjoy this very exciting ride. Some have even come not to ride but on their cars or motorcycles just to enjoy the trip around. We decided to ride clockwise to avoid any climb in the last part of the ride for rider who may not have enough preparation to do this long ride. And its more fun to do a lot of hard climbing in the early part of the ride while we still have the energy to push hard and then enjoy the rest of the ride later.

The Ride

       Tour de Laguna is a one day annual bike ride around Laguna de Bay held every month of February, when the climate and wind direction are more favorable for the riders. As every rider will say " Tailwind Forever ". This ride was organized and being supported by the Express Boys riders and always open to would be participants who want to enjoy a 182 km. ride around the bay. Enjoy the scenic countryside that starts from the City of Pasig. This ride is free but with few safety rules. Like you need to bring your lunch money and wearing helmet is mandatory. Your bike should be in good mechanical condition. Last but not least, Always follow Road Rules and Ride Safely.

        The ride normally starts in one Peleton (Group of Riders) at 6:00am from Pasig riding clockwise to the town of Cainta, Taytay, Binangonan, thru the hills of Cardona, Morong, Baras, Tanay, Pililia, then the final climb to the summit of Bugarin for the first rest stop (8:30am Almusal) and also to regroup. Then its all the way down to the scenic towns of Laguna until we reach the halfway point (90 km.) into the town of Pila to enjoy a hearty lunch at about 11:00am. Remember you bring your own lunch money, or share if they decided to bring some food and drinks. You don't need to worry during the ride because you are always supported by a SAG vehicle in case you have a mechanical breakdown or if you can not continue anymore for some other reason. 

         At this point after lunch at Pila you can decide if you still want to continue or take a ride home on our SAG vehicle. We leave again in one group and ride together as long as possible to keep the traffic be aware of us and to maintain a good riding speed while helping average riders to draft behind stronger riders to conserve their energy for the last part of the ride when they will most likely end up riding in small groups or perhaps alone for awhile. We normally encourage group riding but due to traffic we can not avoid the group not to break apart specially when we reach places with heavy traffic. And take note of the temperature too, some riders needs to take a few stops for a cold drink. Remember this is a FUN RIDE. We are not racing, so we want to keep it an enjoyable and memorable ride. Hope you join us on our future rides. Our estimate time home is between 3:00pm to 4:00pm which is the latest we experience so far.

       Visit us again because we will be adding photos of future event, news and more stories on how this ride get started. We also encourage and appreciate any stories you can contribute on your experience while riding with us. You can even send photos you would like share. Send it to our email address and We will make sure it will be publish on our website.